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Alcohol & Weight Loss

By Megan Turvey, ACE CPT Did you know?  Drinking Too Much Stalls Weight Loss. With the April challenge, many people were put off by the one alcoholic drink per week rule. Before we knock the idea of the challenge completely, let’s take a look at the facts. Alcoholic drinks can be a significant contributor to your [...]

Coaching Success

By Brian Slugocki The best-designed programs in the world are meaningless if we aren’t able to get athletes/clients to do them. I believe our job as coaches is to help clients create meaningful, lasting change in their peoples lives while guiding them towards achieving their desired goals. There are many ways to accomplish this task [...]

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What Makes a Great Coach?

By Brent Moore, CSCS Anybody who has ever played a sport or trained with a fitness coach can tell you that a good coach does more than just give you drills and count repetitions. A good coach can influence their client or athlete in a way that carries through their entire lives. Many athletes and [...]

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Failure to Fail

By Zach Columbia BS, NASM I grew up playing Baseball. In the game of baseball, you fail more than you succeed. A hitter who get a hit 3 out of 10 times is considered an All Star. Meaning they failed 7 times. Failure is a part of the game and it’s necessary to achieve success. Babe [...]

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Eat Healthy for Your Brain

By Brent Moore, CSCS As a fitness professional, it is painfully apparent that the hardest thing people have a hard time with is eating healthy. A person can want to get in the best shape of their life and they will work hard in the gym and may even cut calories. The problem is, they [...]

Stay Motivated

By Milani Pickering BS, ACSM What is motivation? Motivation is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. However, we all know that staying motivated is not as easy as it seems sometimes. If you are anything like me, some mornings it takes a few snooze buttons before I can finally get out [...]

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What is Bicep Tendonitis?

By Michael Simmer BS, CSCS, LMT, FST Have you ever been in the gym or on the golf course or maybe playing tennis, and felt discomfort around the top of your shoulder or in your elbow, maybe it goes away quickly, maybe it lingers for a few days and then goes away or maybe it comes [...]

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Functional Performance Therapy

By Zach Columbia BS, NASM How do you achieve the perfect body? Not aesthetically… but functionally? The truth is, we all wake up with aches and pains, we all have limited range of motion at certain joints, and we all have dysfunction within our musculature. Are our bodies really built that poorly? Should we just accept [...]

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Massage & Running Go Hand and Hand

By Michael Simmer B.S. CSCS, LMT, FST So you have decided to start running, maybe you have even signed up for your first 5k or maybe you are getting back into running after being away from it for a few years. Whatever the case may be, there are some things you need to know about [...]

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Good Sugar vs. Bad Sugar

By Megan Turvey What is sugar?  Sugar is often labeled as evil or something to be avoided at all costs, but sugar can actually be our friend. Sugar is a type of carbohydrate, the three types are sugar, starch, and fiber, but all contain sugar. In turn, carbohydrates are also something people seem to want [...]

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