Fat Loss/Weight Loss

The #1 reason why people join a gym is to lose weight. So, why do more than half of those same people stop going after a couple weeks? Because they haven’t found a program that works. Guess what? We have. Led by our Certified Trainers, our Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions, Boot Camps and Nutrition Guidelines will keep you accountable and help you reach those fat and weight loss goals. With 24/7 access, you can exercise when it’s convenient for you.

For an immediate jump-start on your fat and weight loss goals, try one of our small group fitness challenges.  Each program is designed for maximum results within a minimum time frame and consists of daily nutrition and exercise regimens that provide visible results quickly.

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Are you ready to lift heavy things? Maybe not yet, but we can get you there. Our Personal Training and Boot Camp Sessions combine strength and endurance training to create a stronger, fitter you.

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Sports Performance

Amateur, college, and professional athletes all have one thing in common: a quest to be the best. You are all on the lookout for a way help you throw farther, kick harder, jump higher, run faster or swim longer. With help from our Fitness Coaches, we can help you reach your goals because we want to Train the Athlete in You.

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Golf Performance

Looking to improve your long game? Our Certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) trainers can help you with that. During your TPI screening, we will look at your body’s movements and how they correlate to the golf swing.  We will score you and design a workout complete with corrective exercises to help your body reach its maximum potential.

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