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“Don’t wait! To have this much energy and to be this happy is irreplaceable!” Training at Pulse Fitness has helped Melanie go from a size 14 to a size 4! She doesn’t let anythi...

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“Don’t think twice about it.  Joining Pulse is one of the best decisions you can make!” Penny has not only been able to lose body fat while increasing muscle mass, but she has a...

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“I don’t see any place else to go…(Pulse Fitness) will take care of you!” Since joining Pulse Fitness, Sachin has gone from 19% down to 10% body fat, which has helped him gain...

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Personal Training near Scottsdale

Jillian Elliott

This is such a great place to help you hit your goals! The trainers are amazing and they care about your progress. If you need help staying accountable, this is your place. If you are looking for memb...

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Personal Training near Scottsdale

Amanda Knox

I've never felt more comfortable at a gym before! From the owner, the trainers, the front desk staff...everyone has welcomed me with open arms! They listen to your goals and help formulate a very spec...

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Personal Training near Scottsdale

Jeremy Ervin

Pulse fitness is run by real people who care that you get what you came in there for. Mike and Kelly are very service oriented and sincere people who treat you like a person and not a number. They go ...

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Personal Training near Scottsdale

Personal Training

Enjoy the motivation of others without getting lost in a big group setting. Our Semi-Private Personal Training in Scottsdale will help you see real results with individualized instruction and more!

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Personal Training near Scottsdale

Golf Performance

At Pulse Fitness, we're proud to work with golfers of all ages and abilities from across Scottsdale to improve their game, build strength and endurance, and address any weaknesses that can hinder performance.

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Personal Training near Scottsdale

Nutrition Coaching

There's no such thing as overnight results, but you can get to where you want to be faster with good nutrition. Our coaches will work with you one-on-one to create a sustainable strategy that will help you plan ahead.

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Personal Training near Scottsdale

Fit Over 40

Fit Over 40 can help you enjoy improved strength and mobility across all aspects of your life. Pulse Fitness is proud to work with men and women of all fitness levels and we can't wait for you to be next! Come sign up in Scottsdale today.

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Personal Training near Scottsdale

InBody Composition Analysis

Quickly measure fat mass, muscle mass, and body water levels in less than a minute. No dunking. No pinching. No discomfort. Simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes.

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Find Your Why With Pulse Fitness

Whether you want to get and stay fit, get stronger, swing better, kick harder or throw farther, we have a program for you. Pulse Fitness offers the latest and greatest programming, flexibility in scheduling and a location that is convenient to your home or workplace. Say goodbye to your excuses and become a better you today. Being one of the leading gyms in Scottsdale, we change people’s lives and make them healthier and more fit than ever. Our personal training studio can help people of all the age groups achieve their fitness goals.

Your potential is endless. Let us help you find your fit. You have many options when it comes to personal training. Our qualified personal trainers in Scottsdale will show you why we were voted the #1 Training Facility in Arizona.

Our Training Philosophy

Feel Your Best, Tone Your Body, and Burn Body Fat

  • Core Focus

    Core Focus

    Pulse’s Training System has been specifically designed to help our members achieve the three main goals everyone has in the gym; feel their best, tone, and burn body fat. This proprietary system takes the three most effective training concepts and blends them into one, results guaranteed program. By combining functional training, resistance training, and metabolic high intensity interval training, Pulse has been able to deliver life-changing results for thousands of members.

  • Functional Training

    Functional Training

    Used by everyone from the most elite athletes in the world to the best grandparents, Functional Training incorporates mobility, flexibility, and core stability to keep you moving, energized and pain free. Whether you want to play tennis, improve your golf game, or just keep up with your grandkids, this training concept will help you get there and stay there.

  • Resistance Training

    Resistance Training

    If you’re looking to get stronger, firm up and increase lean muscle giving you that highly desired toned look, this tried-and-true training concept is for you. Resistance training incorporates body weight movements, weights, and cable systems specifically designed to increase strength and lean muscle.

  • Metabolic Training

    Metabolic Training

    When people want to lose weight, they immediately think cardio. However steady state cardio actually has the opposite effect; hormonally causing the body to store fat and eat away at healthy muscle tissue. Metabolic high intensity interval training consists of short intense bouts of cardio followed by rest intervals. This style of training has been scientifically proven to be the most effective system for absolutely destroying body fat and shedding those unwanted pounds.

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