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  • Pre, Post, & Intra Workout Nutrition

    Pre, Post, & Intra Workout Nutrition

    Pre, Post, & Intra Workout Nutrition What you eat and drink, before, during, and after a workout is extremely important and will directly impact your performance and results. Failure to fuel your body with correct nutrients surrounding a workout not only means your performance will suffer, but also decreases the benefits you should be receiving from your workout.I ngesting protein, carbs and some minerals or electrolytes around and even during your workout can have huge benefits. For muscles to work, repair, and grow, they require amino acids. Amino acids fuel muscles by entering the muscle cells during physical activity. This process is known as a sodium/potassium ....

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  • How Often Should I Workout

    How Often Should I Workout

    How Often Should I Work out? Zach Columbia B.S. NASM FPT The answer to how often you should workout depends on who you ask. Some health professionals will say three times a week. Some will say 30 minutes four times a week. If you ask your trainer, they may say five times a week. The answer is not as clear cut as one may think. The real answer is it depends. It depends on for what. Heart health, fat loss, muscle growth, sport performance? Your health and fitness goals may dictate how often you work out. Then of course, there’s the question of how many times a week it’s realistic for you to workout based on your lifestyle and schedule. Making things even more difficult, ....

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  • Why Your New Year’s Resolution Is Already Failing

    Why Your New Year’s Resolution Is Already Failing

    Why Your New Year’s Resolution Is Already Failing Zach Columbia B.S. NASM People tend to think that fat is just excess stored energy in the form of tissue that sits there waiting to be used. However, fat is actually busy actively releasing several hormones, one of which is called leptin. I refer to leptin as the starvation defense system because it is the reason mankind was able to make it through winter thousands of years ago. Leptin is constantly communicating fat store levels to the brain. If there are sufficient fat store levels, then leptin tells the brain via the hypothalamus to speed up the metabolism and decrease the appetite. When fat store levels begin to ....

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    BY: DOMINIC BALLARD Many people know that they should warm up before a workout. However, it can be very tempting to skip your warm and to begin training. Skipping your warm up or having a warm up routine that is not properly set up has been shown to lead to a decline in performance or even injury. The current state of our society has led to the human race to live sedentary lifestyles. Most of us are sitting at a desk all day with very little activity. This leads to contraction in our muscles. When we begin an activity this muscles get elongated and when done to quickly that can lead to injury. Therefor, the body needs a wake up call before any physical activity. SIMPLY PUT, A WARM UP ....

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    By: CJ Hunt So, you’ve made the decision to start a weight loss and health improvement journey, that is wonderful! One of the best pieces of advice is to remember that improving health and weight loss is a process with many factors involved. We all want our extra weight to disappear but without understanding the phases of weight loss someone can end up stuck in the same phase and as a result not achieve the weight loss goals. PART OF THE FIRST PHASE IS EVEN MAKING THAT DECISION TO START. Along with that decision, having the correct mindset is important. The expectation of seeing results from only the scale is faulty as the way you move, the amount you can move, how much weight you ....

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    By Zach Columbia B.S. NASM. FPT You get to the end of what you think was a pretty tough workout, look at the clock and think, “oh good, it’s over!” Then, your coach says, “Okay here’s what we got for the finisher…” You think to yourself, “finisher? That wasn’t the finisher?” They push you harder and further than you wanted to go and of course harder and further than you ever would have pushed yourself. That’s what you’re paying them for isn’t it? You finish the workout with a rush of endorphins and a great sense of accomplishment. The next day, you show up to the gym and your coach asks how you’re ....

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    By: Richie Anderson The term “thoracic spine” is used in application as the general region of the upper back, and can be defined as the area of the spine that attaches to the rib cage, from the neck to the abdomen area. This is a complex system, and I personally like to make sure to remind clients that it is more than just the “spine”. It is complex because it is dependent on factors occurring in the rib cage, shoulder blade, neck and other portions of the upper back. I chose to speak on the Thoracic Spine first, because I find it to be the lowest hanging fruit in terms of improving your golf swing, and I know the majority of the clients we see at Pulse Fitness ....

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    BY: RICHIE ANDERSON Before we learn how to train the golfer appropriately, the swing needs to be explored. My goal for this blog post would be to give you a general understanding of the golf swing and its demands. THE GOLF SWING IS BROKEN DOWN IN THE RESEARCH INTO 5 GENERAL PARTS; 1. Takeaway 2. Backswing 3. Transition 4. Downswing 5. Follow-through The golf swing uses these mechanics of the swing to create a rotational power base from ground reaction forces (GRF) that allow the golfer to create impact on the golf ball1. GRFs begin on the back leg and transfer to the lead leg in the downswing. The backswing is used to create a stretch of tissues and structures to capture and disperse ....

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    BY CJ HUNT When beginning or while continuing a health and or weight loss journey this common thought usually comes to the surface. “If I rest, I won’t get the most out of my workout.” This is an untrue statement and can have an adverse effect on your workout. Rest is key for recovery. Not only from workout to workout but from set to set during your workout as well. There are scientific ranges of rest for optimal recovery in each mesocycle as well as real world adaptations for rest. We will take a look at both! FIRST, LETS TAKE A LOOK AT THE SCIENTIFIC REST RANGES. The three mesocycles we will discuss are strength, hypertrophy, and volume/endurance. The strength ....

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    BY: CJ HUNT Many of us workout and ultimately taking part in that action is beneficial for us. Depending on a person’s expertise, and it varies from person to person, performing exercises correctly can be difficult. That does not even take into account knowing the proper load to use. Personal trainers help with those areas but still we can fall into different categories of a workout mindset or a workout focus. One important area is the quality of movement a person possesses. Another way to envision quality of movement is how well the body performs and activity. The antagonist in this sense would be “moving weight.” Which will be defined today by moving as much weight as ....

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